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How to Grow Vegetables in Pots

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots Growing vegetables in containers can be one of the most rewarding gardening projects you can explore. Almost anything can be grown in a container, given that you supply the container with everything that your plants need. Once you discover how easy container gardening is, you will want to try growing everything that you like to eat in a container. Growing plants is as much an art as it is a science, so by all means, do not ever get discouraged if you kill a plant or even many plants. And growing plants inside can be even [ ... ]

How to Grow Lettuce Inside

You can grow lettuce inside in containers for a fresh supply of salads all winter long. Put containers in your sunniest south- or southeast-facing window. If this is not possible, use grow lights made out of inexpensive shop lights that hold several florescent bulbs. Using half cool light bulbs and half light warm light bulbs will provide your plants with the widest spectrum of light possible. Grow lights should be a few inches above the top of the plants, and be moved up as the plants grow. Leave lights on for at least 12 hours a day, but up to [ ... ]

How to Grow Lettuce in Containers Outside

Growing lettuce in containers is easy and fun, and you can be harvesting a beautiful, nutritious salad in weeks. There are 6 cultivar groups of lettuce, but the best types for containers are loose leaf and romaine types. These are also the most nutritious types of lettuce, and the easiest to grow. Both come in a variety of colors and textures. For areas that start freezing in October, choose cold tolerant varieties. You can greatly increase your lettuce growing season by moving your lettuce containers inside during freezing weather and keeping them outside when it is warm. Container soil gets cold [ ... ]

How to Grow Lettuce: Types of Lettuce

How to Grow a Caesar Salad Caesar salads are made with romaine lettuce. To choose a cultivar, consider how long your spring and fall typically stays cool without freezes. Some varieties will stand up to heat and/or cold better than others. Romaine lettuce is slightly more bitter than some types of lettuce, which makes it a good accompaniment to flavorful dishes and salad dressings. Romaine Lettuce Cosmo lettuce matures in 55 days and does not get bitter as quickly as some varieties. It gets 12 inches tall and produces heads of crisp, sweet, green savoyed leaves. (1) Forellenschluss lettuce is an Austrian lettuce whose [ ... ]

How to Grow Lettuce

Lettuce varieties come in many colors, flavors, growth patterns and habits, so growing a few colorful varieties can make a beautiful and nutritious salad. When choosing lettuce, consider the temperatures in your area, the nutritional level of the lettuce, and your tastes and needs. Lettuce varieties fall into 6 cultivar groups. “Cultivar” means named, cultivated varieties. Types of Lettuce Romaine lettuce or cos lettuce (L. sativa var. romana) is the most nutritious type of lettuce and it performs best in fertile soil. It is somewhat tolerant of heat and can be grown in partial shade. Looseleaf lettuce (L. sativa var. crispa) does not [ ... ]