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Garlic Varieties to Grow in Pots

Any variety of garlic can be grown in pots, but some varieties of garlic plants get larger than others, so should be planted further apart. Varieties which grow into smaller plants generally do better in a pot. When choosing which varieties to grow, consider how hot you prefer your garlic to taste, how you plan to use it, how long it will store and when it will be mature for harvest. Any variety of garlic can be used for any purpose, some are outstanding for a particular use. Plant most garlic varieties 4 inches apart, or 6 inches apart for [ ... ]

How to Grow Garlic in Pots

How to Grow Garlic in Pots If you plan to make salsa from garlic, it is important to time your garlic to be ready to harvest at the same time as your other ingredients. Garlic from the grocery store is to home grown garlic what tomatoes from the grocery store are to home grown tomatoes: lacking flavor. Store garlic is bred for its storage ability and ease of harvesting qualities, but not for its flavor. Once you taste gourmet garlic fresh from your garden, you will want to always have it available. By selecting varieties to use fresh and varieties that store [ ... ]