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How to Grow Onions in Pots — Onion Varieties

How to Grow Onions in Pots Choosing the correct varieties of onion to grow is necessary to get the best yield. Since onions are daylight sensitive and take several months to mature, there is some overlap as to which onions can be grown in specific areas. When choosing onions, consider the number of days between freezes for your area, how many daylight hours you get during the summer, how long you would like to store onions, your preference for sweetness or pungency, and how you plan to use onions. Growing onion from seeds will give you the widest selection of varieties, the biggest [ ... ]

How to Grow Salsa in Pots – Onions

How to Grow Salsa in Pots – Onions Onions (Allium cepa or A. cepa var. cepa) are daylight sensitive, and will not produce large bulbs if they do not get enough hours of daylight. Onions are categorized into three categories: short day, intermediate day, and long day. There is much overlap as to which varieties do well in each area, since the determining factor is whether or not there will be enough days in the growing season between freezes for the onions to mature. High temperatures also inhibit bulb formation. The further north you garden, the more daylight hours there are [ ... ]